NK Cell

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Reduces cellulitis and orange skin. Improves blood circulation and combats hair fragility, improving its resistance.

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Nutricosmetic that helps reduce and soften “orange peel skin”. It contains many ingredients, including vitis vinifera, which helps reduce cellulite and aids slimming, and L-carnitine, which supports the metabolisation of fats, OVODERM®, an extract of egg membrane that naturally contains nutrients such as proteins, glycosaminoglycans and peptides that help maintain connective tissues and play a role in the growth of cells and the maintenance of their vital functions. It also contains Centella asiatica, Vitamin C, Natural Caffeine and Diosamin, which prevent oxidation damage and improve circulation, and also increase the oxidation of fats.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 7.7 × 7.7 × 14.3 cm